The power of thoughts

Rene Descartes, french philosopher  and mathematician  once said “corgito ergo sum”, meaning i think, therefore, i am. Very few people have been able to grasp the power of their thoughts. I have found out that most of the things we do were once thoughts,a few days,months or years ago.Everybody desires to be successful and influential,but the question is how many of them think in these lines.The average teenager  only thinks about the latest video games,phones,and gadgets,and spends so much time on social networks.The net effect being that they spend less time pondering on how problems can be solved,consequently,their analytical skills are seriously underdeveloped.Nobody sums it up like God himself who told Joshua to meditate constanly on the book of the law to be successful.So if you want to make a difference,you have to be a thinker.


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